Travel ‘Allersafely’-Top tips for Summer time travelling with an allergy!


When someone at home has an allergy, we do everything we can to protect them, and make their lives as easy as possible, right?

We make sure our homes are safe guarded and are sanctuaries for all the people who live there. When we go on holiday however it can be a different story and we need to be prepared for the worst.

What happens if they get a bad allergic reaction, skin irritation or respiratory problem?

Don’t worry just follow our top tips, then kick back and enjoy the holiday with peace of mind!  Just be sure to send us a postcard!

Allersafe - image - May 2014-01

Allersafe’s Top Holiday Tips

  1. The scout’s first rule ‘be prepared’.  This is incredibly important when you’re an allergy sufferer.  Make sure if you are flying that all your medication is packed in your hand luggage and not your suitcase and that you’ve enough to last the whole holiday. Check the expiration dates too!
  2. Translation cards are a great idea before you go.  Make up small ones that will fit into your purse.  It means if something goes wrong you’ll be able to get help as quickly as possible without any language barriers.
  3. Check in with the hotel before you go to see if there are air conditioners or air purifiers they can lend you stopping allergens through the day and night.
  4. Locate the closest pharmacy and medical rooms. It means if you have an allergic reaction or need more medication you’ll know exactly where to go to.
  5. If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, or if you’re travelling with kids who have, then try out sun creams before you go. Different skin types can be irritated by different products so it’s best to find ones that won’t irritate the skin. Allersafe has a great range called Naturally Cool Kids sun creams and after sun lotions that are perfect.
  6. Humidity can be a real killer for sensitive skin and can cause quite serious flare-ups.  Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise some more, before, during and after your holiday, to help relieve itchiness.  When washing double rinse clothes as some washing detergents can aggravate skin conditions. Wear loose clothing to alleviate rubbing and any further irritation.
  7. Finally purchase a pillow encasement to protect against dust mites, allergens and any other unwanted visitors throughout the night. Allersafe has a great Terry pillow encasement which has moisture wicking properties and is breathable. It’s also a perfect size to fold up and pop into your hand luggage, and at only £11.99 it really is your perfect travel partner.

Check out our Allergy Clinic for more top tips for travelling with allergies.


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