Chill out – summer’s nearly here!

There’s so much we love about summer, longer evenings, family trips, barbecues and the weather gets oh-so-nice. But as much as we love chilling out in the sun during the day, overheating at night can really ruin your sleeping patterns. Feeling restless because you are too hot, kicking off the covers, and generally feeling you can’t escape your new sauna like bedroom…nightmare!

Don’t worry there’s plenty you can do stay cool this summer. Here are some suggestions from us.

  • Have you switched your duvet yet?

Changing from a 13 or 10.5 tog duvet to a 4.5 or 7 tog is the first step to a better night’s sleep. The much lighter duvets allow your skin to breathe and remain cool, without losing your snug and covered feeling that we all love at night.

  • Gel-lined Pillows

Need more cooling? Gel-lined pillows such as the Chillow Pillow offer relief for not only night sweats, but also hot flushes, migraines, backache, aching muscles, and flus and fevers. These pillows can be used on their own, or with the pillows you already have.  Simply activate the gel by filling with tap water, and that’s it… there’s no need to turn the pillow to stay cool!

  • There’s always a silver-lining

Have you heard of the benefits of sleeping with silver? SlumberSlumber’s Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow with silver lining has a gel core to keep you cool all night long.  They’re also infused with silver ions, protecting against bacteria for a healthier night’s sleep. Our cool gel pillow will retain its shape night after night, while providing ventilation and allowing heat and moisture to disperse.

Lighter bedding, and cooling pillows, perfect for getting rid of night sweats at home or on your travels – How cool is that?


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