Surviving The Chelsea Flower Show (Sneeze Free)


The Chelsea Flower Show is a must in every gardener’s social diary.  It’s a chance to check out the quirky gardens, discover new species and become submerged in all sorts of new and wonderful flowers.  If you’re a hay fever sufferer though, it can be your worst nightmare.   Here’s Allersafe’s top 10 survival tips that will help you navigate the summer flowers (and keep you sneeze free) this year.

  1. More allergy sufferers will be able to indulge in the amorous scent of a new daffodil named after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son, Prince George.  Daffodils are a low pollen flower so more hay fever friendly.
  2. The worst times of the day for plants to release pollen is the morning and the evening so if you must visit Chelsea Flower Show plan your trip for the afternoon when the pollen count is the lowest.
  3. Give the London Corporation Oak Processionary Moth Garden a wide berth. It’s surrounded by large oak trees therefore not the ideal place for a hay fever sufferer.  Oak trees have a reputation for causing horrid hay fever.
  4. Browse the wide array of roses such as the beautifully bright yellow poet’s wife, the classic English lady or the new, simple peach.  Roses have much heavier pollen than other flowers, meaning that they are less likely to spread in the wind making them a friend of the hay fever sufferer.
  5. If you’re lucky to see an exhibition such as last year’s magnificently striking apple tree, feel free to slowly ponder the natural delights of any apple tree.  A friend rather than foe.
  6. Celebrate 50 years with Alan Titchmarch and the fabulous Britain in Bloom garden.  Filled with pollinator-friendly flowers, like sunflowers this is not the most ideal garden to get away from that hay fever hell.
  7. Avoid gardens with lots of shrubbery, grasses and trees-all are known to cause a bad reaction.
  8. Pollen counts are always the highest on warm, sunny, breezy days and lowest on cool, cloudy, calm days.  Even though we hate the rain, it can help.
  9. Always remember to be stocked up on tissues in case of watery eyes or a sneezing fit.
  10. The number one rule for survival-Be prepared. Get Allersafe’s Top 5 Products before you go.

-Naturally Cool Kids Vapour Stick-Unblocks those noses quick!

-Piriteze Allergy Tablets-Relief for ALL symptoms of hay fever.

-Care Itcheze Gel-Unique Gel that eases itches fast.

-HayMax Aloe Vera-Nose Balm that acts as a pollen barrier.

-Bio-Life Fabri Cleanse-Use on your laundry to get rid of that pesky pollen.



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