Vent – Elation with Air Purifiers

Hay fever season has now started, and people are starting to feel the effects of the airborne particles outside.  1 in 5 people in the UK suffer from Hay Fever, and during spring and summer, our homes can become a refuge away from grass-cutting and flowers and trees spreading their pollen.

But even in the home, we carry pollen in on our clothes and skin, we let it in with open windows, and the indoors can cease being the Hay-Fever-Free-Haven we had hoped for!

Allersafe want to put the Hay Fever protection back into your home, and have a new range designed to do just that.  AirFree are a range of air sterilisation purifiers which silently pull contaminated air particles in (pollen, dander, mould, dust mites) by air convection.

There are 5 models of the AirFree air cleaners, the P40; P60; P80; P125; and P150.

These models differ in that they are designed to work for differing room capacities, ranging from 16m² to 60m².

The AirFree air filer works by using convection to draw in particles and viruses to the ceramic core, where they will be incinerated.  Sterilised air is then cooled before circulating back into the room, creating a healthier atmosphere for all.

Hay fever sufferers can breathe easy knowing that their AirFree air cleaner is in the background, quietly sterilising away all the allergens which cause the negative reactions associated with hay fever. If you aren’t sure if you or someone you live with suffers from hay fever, Allersafe have a Hay Fever Guide to help you find out everything you need to know about the allergy.

With Airfree air cleaners, not only will your hay fever be helped, but all other airborne allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, mould fungi, tobacco, viruses, bacteria and odours are cleared from your room.

It is advised to place the AirFree air purifier in the room that most time is spent, which in most circumstances is the bedroom.  It is also recommended to be placed in the area where most allergens may be located, e.g. where a pet sits, a window is often open, or where someone smokes.


The Air Free air filters uses the same energy as a 40-60 w light bulb (dependant on the model you choose). It needs no maintenance or replacement parts and generates no waste.  All models of the AirFree weigh less than 1.5KG, and take up very little space.

Allersafe are determined to make your hay fever season more bearable, and AirFree’s air purification range is the answer to keeping you home safe and free from allergens.


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