Festival Survival Guide for Hay Fever

Festival Survival Guide for Hay Fever

The festival season is about to kick off, and whichever you choose to attend to see your favourite bands or performers, the odds are they will all have one thing in common – Being outdoors in peak hay fever season, and most likely in a field!

With 1 in 3 people in the UK suffering from hay fever, you most definitely wont be alone, but you can be among the few who plan ahead to fight the symptoms.

Red and weepy eyes, constant nose blowing, throat itching, sore heads.

Just some of the symptoms that go hand in hand with hay fever, and not exactly ideal when you’ve paid a great deal for a ticket to have “the time of your life”.

Or for when everyone’s getting “snap-happy” with their camera, trying to get that perfect profile picture.

Allersafe have prepared a list of precautions for you to take in order not to fall victim to your allergy, and forget all about it during festival season.

  • HayMax – This is a must have for any festival goers pocket. This little organic balm can be placed on your nostrils throughout the day, and not be noticed by others.  It will keep pollen from entering your system, and therefore all the nasty side effects that come with it!
  • Vitamin C – Stocking up on vitamin C everyday in the run up to festival season reduces the amount of histamine released by trigger cells in the nose ad eyes.  Some foods rich in Vit C are strawberries, oranges, lemons, pineapples, broccoli, and sweet potatoes.
  • Water – It might sound basic, but when any allergy flares up, it’s the increase of histamine causing the reaction. Whilst anti-histamines will reduce the histamine, it’s not really getting to the source of the problem.  Histamines quickly become present when your body becomes dehydrated, therefore drinking water can take away the histamine, and therefore the allergic reactions too.  It is recommended to drink 1 litre of water a day per 25 kilograms of body weight.
  • The Salt Pipe – Inhaling the micron sized salt crystals from this innovative product, results in a natural clearing of the nasal and respiratory passages.  Keeping one of these stored in your tent can be a great way to prepare you for an allergy-free day, or help you recuperate after a long day of breathing in pollen.
  • Tissues/Baby wipes – Should you get a flare up, a tissue will become your best friend, but a baby wipe can also be useful for clearing away pollen irritants from your face and hands.
  • Bio-Life Home Cleanse – This award-winning spray is perfect for those camping over at festivals. With the Allergy UK seal of approval, it can be used quickly to treat pillows, sleeping bags, clothes etc to clear allergens.  So no matter how late you get to bed during festivals, you can rest assured your allergies won’t be keeping you up.

It’s National Allergy Awareness Week, and although none of us like to spend too much time thinking about our hay fever,  a little bit of thought before heading out, can save us a lot of grief whilst out!

Nipping hay fever in the bud will mean you can devote all your attention to the important things in your life, and at this time of year festivals rank very highly!


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