Spruce you Spring-Clean

It’s that time of year once more, when we feel the need to give our homes a good overhaul from top to bottom. But what exactly can we do to make a lasting difference, which will show noticeable changes straight away?

And what if you have one of the many households living with an allergy sufferer? Spring is peak time for those with hay fever, asthma, and dust mite allergies, and so a Spring-clean is even more vital.

We all know how to vacuum, polish, tidy and organise, but there has to be something with more benefits that is long lasting to our health?

“Spring is a good time for deep cleansing of the body as relief from allergies and general maintenance for well being.

Spring is a time of year when many allergies flare up. Winds carrying tree and grass pollens can trigger hay fever, sinus headaches and infections, asthma and other seasonal inflammations.

Additional irritants include dust, mites, animal dander, moulds, mildews that have accumulated over the winter in the house. While dusting cleans the surface of furniture spores continue to float through the air.”

Diane Battistello (Clean Up Your Health)

With 1 in 3 people now suffering from allergies, hygiene in the home has never been more important.  Thankfully Allersafe has an answer for not only your spring-cleaning needs, but for an all year round, deeper clean, designed to help those who suffer with asthma, eczema, or allergies to dust mites, pollen or pets.

That answer is Polti.

Polti benefits from thirty years’ experience and specific knowledge in the production of home appliances using steam. Allersafe are excited to be stocking a range of product from their Vaporetto & Vaporetto Lecoaspira collections. These ingenious appliances offer you a product that can clean your whole house and fight dust mites.

Dust mites can settle anywhere in your home, with millions living and breeding in warm and humid conditions of the fibres in your rug, the crevices between wood, and layers of your bedding etc.  Dust mites thrive in a home environment, but perhaps most unpleasant, is the fact that their faeces (which cause the allergic reactions) will remain in our home unless treated.

Along with clearing dust mites, the Polti steam cleaners and vacuums are a must-have for hay fever and pet allergy sufferers.  Airborne and settled allergens are removed through the steam power, allowing for a much more hospitable environment for sufferers, particularly in spring and summer during peak allergen seasons.

Polti steam cleaners and vacuums are designed specifically to give you a deeper clean ensuring a deep clean throughout your home with the use of steam alone. The Polti range is ecologically-friendly, as you will be left without the need to use chemical cleaning products, eliminating dirt and grease whilst combating dust mites and allergies.

The Polti steam cleaners and vacuum range can be used for the following throughout your home:

  • Cleaning Sofas, Mattresses, Curtains & Stains
  • Cleaning Carpets & Rugs
  • Cleaning Floors & Tiles
  • Cleaning Glass & Mirrors
  • Cleaning Furniture
  • Cleaning Plants
  • Removing Kitchen Grease
  • Cleaning Bathroom Fixtures & Remove Lime Scale
  • Cleaning Cars & Garden Furniture

Allersafe have a wide rang of Polti Steamers and Polti vacuums to meet all your needs, and with a brand new range of accessories having just arrived, now’s the time to finally get round to that Spring-clean you’ve been putting off! But this time will have lasting effects throughout your entire home, and health.


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